New York, November 8-10
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WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2017
Arrive at your leisure to the Stewart Hotel located at 371 7th Avenue, New York, NY. Stewart's high-energy Midtown location puts you at the crossroads of the city’s most iconic neighborhood districts—across from Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden. You’ll be staying near Chelsea, just steps from Times Square and Fifth Avenue.
8:00 -  10:00 pm
Meet up cocktail reception at Niles NYC in lobby of hotel! Start the conversation with AV Technology’s editorial director, Margot Douaihy, contributing editor and event producer, Cindy Davis, and publisher, Sue Horwitz. Pitch your organization for an AV Technology feature. Share stories with your peers and try to get an inside scoop from our vendor sponsors.
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THURSDAY, November 9, 2017
8:00 - 8:45 am
Event Registration and Breakfast
9:00 - 9:15 am
Welcome: Margot Douaihy, editorial director of AV Technology 
9:15 - 10:00 am
KEYNOTE: IT Helps Drive UX in AV
Jeffrey Fairbanks, global head of IT Operations, AV & Media Technology for Bloomberg
In his keynote, Fairbanks will examine the AV/IT ecosystem and forecast the next-level of AV/IT for user-focused solutions. “UC is not a product but the confluence of IT/AV technologies informed by UX first, last and always,” said Fairbanks.
This isn’t speculation, Fairbanks has walked-the-walk. The IT Operations Group within the Information Systems Group (Infosys) at Bloomberg supports nearly 19,000 employees, 28,000 PCs, more than 120,000 network connections, and 500,000 guests in 73 countries around the world through the designing, deploying, and supporting of Bloomberg’s internal IT systems. Fairbanks has been responsible for building an international, award-winning global AV team supporting 4,900-plus VIP events annually, and managing more than 8,000 digital signage assets across the world. 
Fairbanks domain comprises the global corporate service desk, global technician deployment, end user hardware installation and support, management / distribution and licensing of 400-plus software titles, global mobile technology strategy / support and carrier relationship, business intelligence, incident response, and global AV services. He was instrumental in the creation of a centralized AV management portal distilling the enterprise AV landscape into a single management dashboard. 
Fairbanks is a subject matter expert in corporate audio visual and communication systems. He was voted Bloomberg’s global manager of the year in 2015 and he was named AV Magazine’s Audio Visual Professional of the Year in 2017.
10:15 - 11:00 am
PANEL: Planning for Streaming Content in 2018
We will discuss important topics such as content security, new workflows and new low-latency technologies that will have an impact, and the next level of engaging your audience. 
Panel: Moderated by Margot Douaihy, editorial director of AV Technology 
Aaron Booker, founder and CEO of Varvid
Brock Roffey, sales director at Haivision
Rony Sebok , vice president, co-founder 1 Beyond
Tom Sahara, vice president of Operations and Technology for Turner Sports
Paul Zielie, manager of Enterprise Solutions for Harman Professional
AV/IT TALKS ON THE 15:  10-minute topic deep-dives, and 4-minute Q/A
11:15 am > Planning for Data Driven AV Design
Technical and cultural changes are required to move audiovisual operations from a dogmatic to a pragmatic practice. Paul Zielie CTS-D, I, manager of Enterprise Solutions at Harman Professional will discuss how to plan for this paradigm shift. Create more effective buildings, spaces and staff by aligning the needs of your organization and gathering actionable data on how spaces and AV systems are being used. Finally, you can measure your AV technology return on investment.​
11:30 am > Seeing, Hearing, Remembering. How AV/IT Helps Tell the Story of 9/11
Located largely beneath the accompanying 9/11 Memorial in the foundations of the original World Trade Center towers in Lower Manhattan, the National September 11 Memorial Museum features some 150,000 square feet of exhibition space and more than 90 AV exhibits that add to its educational, experiential, and memorial functions. Fernando Mora, manager of Audio Visual and Multimedia Technology at the museum will share how AV/IT plays its part in telling this complex story that changed the lives of every American. Mora was part of the original AV integration team when the museum opened in May 2014, and is now in the process of upgrading equipment and systems. “Already every device at the museum has an IP address,” said Mora, with plans to transition to fully AV over IP within three years. He shares the challenges all organizations face going through final budget approvals and his plans to demonstrate an ROI. ​
11:45 am > Network Nightmares
Forget what keeps you up at night…what shakes up your day? AV and IT are beyond talk of convergence. AV/IT integration is probably combative loaded with “how to” opinions and frustrations. Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager for Video Products at Biamp Systems will explore: The things that media networking needs in order to work; Converged vs unconverged networks; What exactly is a standard switch? Provisioning for media; What do I get out of all this pain and suffering?
12:15 - 1:30 pm
Breakout Tech Exchange Lunch Tables: Nine topic-specific discussion tables
AV/IT TALKS ON THE 15: 10-minute topic deep-dives, and 4-minute Q/A
1:45 pm > Video Solutions for Corporate Communications & Training​
All hands, IPTV, digital signage, and performance recording are among the topics explored by Brock Roffey, sales director at Haivision. Learn about effective video streaming solutions to help solve both business and IT challenges for securely delivering high quality and reliable, live and on-demand video, to employees anywhere on any device. Learn how you can improve your video workflows while minimizing the impact on your network with a flexible and interoperable video platform either on-premise, in the cloud or with a hybrid solution.
2:00 pm > Active Learning Classroom from the AV/IT Perspective
Most university capital plans and provost offices see active learning classrooms (ALC) as a high up-front cost classroom, when compared to large lecture halls or traditional "sage on the stage" classrooms with a single large screen projector. Some AV integrators either aren’t familiar with ALCs or see the as one huge 16x16, 32x32, or 64x64 switcher. Bill O’Donnell CTS, EAVA, DMC-D, AV/network design engineer, Instruction & Research Technology, at William Paterson University has bridged the gap. The truth is they do not have to be overly complicated and when done properly provide better results for faculty, students, and the university as a whole. The trick is understanding the why of an active learning classroom.    
2:15 pm > Beware! Think Your Streaming Content Secure? What Encryption Does and Does Not Do​
As real-time audiovisual distribution evolves from discrete baseband signal paths to unified media streams carried over IT networks there is a strong need for encryption of media streams to protect the content of those streams from unauthorized disclosure. Paul Zielie, manager of Enterprise Solutions for Harman Professional will discuss the possible business goals that justify cryptographic protections for content, and outline the primary levels of confidentiality which may be required in general business practice, with confidentiality and administrative complexity rising with each level.​
2:30 pm > How Agile is Your AV/IT Team?
Agile working supports a much more collaborative and faster way of responding to change and doing business. Technology has been a huge driver of agile working models which focus on performance and outcomes. Long before measuring an outcome, teams need to plan for inevitable and unexpected change. Frank Pellkofer, CEO and co-founder of Utelogy, will discuss agile workflow considerations and how that influenced stakeholder decisions in a recent Command and Control Center deployment.
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm 
Network, Discuss, Share: Meet with Summit sponsors, engage in sidebar discussions, network with your peers
AV/IT TALKS ON THE 15:  10-minute topic deep-dives, and 4-minute Q/A
4:15 pm > AV/IT Applications for the Real World:  
How to distribute high quality video and audio with minimal IT implications
How to distribute high quality video and audio with minimal IT implications, video distribution for the real world, leveraging H.264/5 for low latency, low bandwidth signal distribution. Lewis Eig, sales director, Network Video & Audio Distribution, ClearOne will explore the how’s and why’s of long distance signal routing over LAN and WAN applications with advanced features for supporting a variety of H.264 sources and outputs, as well as video windowing and video wall applications.​
4:30 pm > Cutting Through Collaboration Noise: Answering the Needs of Dynamic Meeting Spaces
Learn how advanced audio conferencing technology has reached the point where systems can be installed in minutes, perform in every type of dynamic and demanding meeting scenario and, most importantly, bring everyone into the room so they are connecting and contributing. Adrian Doughty, national sales manager at Nureva, explores how IT managers can overcome complex challenges such as: An increasing number of remote workers; Dispersed suppliers and global customers; An increasing desire for workforce innovation and creativity often demonstrated by using new collaborative methodologies; An increasing demand for more functional, flexible and technology-enabled workspaces; A decreasing tolerance for complex and expensive technology investments requiring training, maintenance and constant upkeep. ​
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm 
Cocktails, Dine, Network, Discuss, Share: Discuss the days topics over cocktails and dinner.
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FRIDAY, November 10, 2017
8:00 am - 9:15 am
Breakout Tech Exchange Breakfast Tables: Nine topic-specific discussion tables
9:30 am - 10:40 am
PANEL: Fully Leveraged – AV & IT Take It to the Nth
They've moved beyond the conversation. AV and IT experts discuss the what is being done today and how they're planning for tomorrow.
Panel: Moderated by Cindy Davis, event producer of AV/IT Summit, and contributing editor of AV Technology
Jeffrey Fairbanks, global head of IT Operations, AV & Media Technology for Bloomberg
Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager for Video Products at Biamp Systems​
Brad Kleiner, regional technology director & associate at Gensler, New York City
Paul Zielie, manager of Enterprise Solutions for Harman Professional
AV/IT TALKS ON THE 15:  10-minute topic deep-dives, and 4-minute Q/A
10:45 am > Cloud-based Control and Management
Darrin Kimsey, MCSE, MCT, CTS, CQT, director of Education Technology at Kramer Electronics
11:00 am > Converged IT / AV / ES Transforms 21st Century Public Spaces
Robust converged IT&ES (information technology and electronic systems) are required to support the AV, IT, & IoT (internet of Things) applications the public expect and building operations are required to effectively and efficiently operate. Al Lyons, information technology and communication (ITC) engineering business discipline director of HOK, the global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm will present case studies discussing:  1. How new and emerging technologies are being used to measure and report on how the pubic uses built environments.  2. How performance can be monitored and reported on throughout large construction projects with the goal of continually improving the public’s experience.  3. How costs can be reduced and service improved by implementing shared infrastructure. As part of HOK’s global engineering group, Lyons optimizes these systems to automate business processes, incorporate smart building strategies and improve their overall performance. 
11:15 am > How Do AV and IT Managers Effectively Integrate and
Manage AV Solutions with Core Network Operations?
Dante has become the de facto standard in audio networking for many AV pros, with more than 350 AV manufacturers having integrated Dante into its products. Corey Boyer, director of System Solutions, Americas​ at Audinate, explains Dante Domain Manager, a new network management software that gives AV and IT managers enterprise-level security and authentication (including Active Directory integration), cross-subnet routing, and real-time reporting, alerting and audit logs.
11:30 am > The Realities of Streaming VR
Virtual Reality is touted of as the medium that engages viewers by immersing them within the environment. Tom Sahara, VP, Operations and Technology at Turner Sports explores what it takes to capture and translate your creative ideas into a memorable experience. Traditional production practices no longer work in this new medium and the methods for creating and capturing scenes present new challenges in storytelling and production. What camera do you use, how is the audio mixed? And once you have created your VR masterpiece, how do you get it out to your eager audience? Learn about the pitfalls and what must be considered when creating, producing and distributing a VR production. ​
11:45 am > New Model Videoconferencing
Video conferencing technology has evolved from expensive proprietary systems to newer, more flexible software-based conferencing solutions. Rony Sebok, vice president and co-founder of 1 Beyond, will give a glimpse into the future of conferencing for collaborative spaces, including high quality video, document sharing, interactive whiteboards and automated video tracking. She will provide case examples of recent installs at Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) for higher-education extended classroom use, Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes for training and at Anheuser-Busch for meeting conferencing. These examples show that high quality video conferencing can now be done with lower cost hardware and installation/configuration costs without compromising sophisticated features.​
12:15 - 1:30 pm
Breakout Tech Exchange Lunch Tables: Nine topic-specific discussion tables
AV/IT TALKS ON THE 15: 10-minute topic deep-dives, and 4-minute Q/A
1:45 pm > Craft Your Strategy — AV as a Service
As the AV application grows in scope, there will be increasing pressure to control operational costs which is best achieved with a service delivery model. Paul Zielie CTS-D, I, manager of Enterprise Solutions at Harman Professional will discuss the how to start taking practical steps towards transforming your AV infrastructure into one suitable for AV as a Service. A phased approach with an end-goal of more efficient AV operations is achievable, but will take careful planning. Your strategy begins here.
2:00 pm > Room Acoustics Best Practices
Have you ever been frustrated or disappointed with the performance of a new “state-of-the-art” audio system that was recently commissioned to provide top-of-the-line conferencing quality in your meeting space? “If so, there may be more at play here than only system electronics,” said Greg Clark, principal consultant with The Sextant Group. The acoustic environment within a space is a critical element to enabling effective communication with remote participants, and can limit how well an audio system can practically perform. In addition to room surfaces, other design factors related to architectural constructions and mechanical system design will impact the overall acoustical experience. Learn the three key acoustical elements that should be considered for every meeting space, along with best practices for achieving proper room acoustics that avoid operational strife.
2:15 pm > Level Up: Beyond Live Streaming to a Connected Event
The benefits of live streaming are well known: expands audience and brand, boosts engagement, and builds community. But how do you amp up your IT game when live streaming your company events, so that you’re in the front of the pack and not at the tail end? By adding elements such as feet-on-the-street interviews, same-day edits, VR experiences, post-event content catalog, and more. Increase the value of your live streaming events to attendees and future attendees watching from home, and also create long-tail content that will make you a hero to your marketing team. Varvid founder and CEO, Aaron Booker, will provide a walk-thru of the tech it takes to create an effective, impactful, shared experience at your events across a much broader audience.​
2:40 pm - 3:45 pm
Network, Discuss, Share: Meet with Summit sponsors, engage in sidebar discussions, network with your peers
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
PANEL:  Spark Up! Ask the AV/IT Industry Experts 
Panel: Moderated by Margot Douaihy, editorial director of AV Technology 
Lewis Eig, national sales director, Network Video and Audio Streaming at ClearOne
Darrin Kimsey, MCSE, MCT, CTS, CQT, director of Education Technology at Kramer Electronics
Geordie Klueber, video & network specialist at Biamp Systems
Paul Zielie, manager of Enterprise Solutions for Harman Professional
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What Does Future Proofing Look Like Today? | Collaboration Tools | What Data & How? | AV As A Service | AV/IT Security | Streaming Basics | Cloud Shift | New AV Standards | IoT | Choosing Video Cameras | Active Learning Solutions | AV Over Ethernet | Artificial Intelligence | Wayfinding Technologies | Real-time Reporting | Networked Audio | New Display Technologies | Streaming Best Practices | Room Acoustic Best Practices | When to Hire a Consultant | Working with BIM | Retrofit Tips & Tricks | New Stakeholders | Programming Tips for Non-programmers | AV Over IP | Portable Streaming | QoS Best Practices | Legacy AV on the Network | Systems Monitoring  | AR & VR Update |  Streaming Media Workflows | Connectivity Tips & Tricks | Getting the Best Sound During a Videoconference 
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