About the Cyber Defense Bootcamp

TV Technology and Obor Digital are the first to address the cyber vulnerabilities that broadcasters face, including:
- Theft of Intellectual Property
- Deliberate or Terrorist Threat of Content Modification
- Interruption of Business
- Malicious Damage
Offered in a two-day live course, students will study and learn the above concepts as well as participating in real life examples through interactive labs.
The course introduces students to the fundamental issues facing digital security professionals. Participants will gain a solid understanding of security concepts, beginning with the identification of current issues and trends, including vulnerabilities, malware and attack methodologies. The course also covers appropriate control measures needed to secure and defend an organization’s information systems. Students will learn “best-practices” for their digital lives at both work and at home, and will delve into case studies of four highly damaging cyber-attacks against a variety of companies, and review preventative measures to avoid similar disasters.