Director of Broadcast Sales

After serving in the Royal Air Force as an Air Defense Radar and Weapons Guidance Tech, Mark Playdon began to work in the broadcast industry in 1993 as a Systems Design and Installa- tion Engineer for FOR.A. He has since worked in many different environments across the globe including Europe, The Middle East, Africa and North America and has successfully built and managed a myriad of sales territories.
Playdon began working in the U.S. 15 years ago heading up the West Coast division of Vinten, and then as Director of Sales with Fast Forward Video, a manufacturer and early pioneer in the arena of Digital Video Recorders for broadcasters. He was instrumental in the new products Fast Forward Video introduced to the market that led the way to many of the recording systems and formats in use today.
With knowledge acquired across the industry, Playdon is now Director of Broadcast Sales for Broadcast Sales, JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, specializing in the company’s IP and streaming technology as well as end-to-end Advanced Private Mesh Network solutions.